The majority of these releases are either rock-based, with Gong and related bands, or free improvisation, yet most of my live work is playing jazz standards.

2014 "BAD TIDINGS FROM SLACKWATER DRAG"  Second album from Martin Archer and Engine Room Favourites. (Discus) (CD)

2012 "BLUE MEAT, BLACK DIESEL" Martin Archer and Engine Room Favourites. Cast of improvising stars playing Mr Archer's compositions (Discus) (CD)

2008 “IMPROVISATIONS: SERIES ONE”  Violin and piano improvisations in a contemporary context. With Stephen Grew. (GAS) (CD)

2006 "DEATH OF A PRIZE FIGHTER"  Bone Box. Jay Taylor's Mancunian Americana - a joy to listen to. (Fat Northerner) (CD)

2005 "TOOLSHED ALBUM" Toolshed. With Graham Massey, inter alia. I play electric violin (TwistedNerve) (CD, LP)

2001  "LARGELY LIVE IN HARTLEPOOL AND MANCHESTER"  Jah Wobble's Deep Space. The Hartlepool set was my first time with this band. I play electric guitar as well as violin (30Hz) (CD)

1999  "FEAR OF FOURS" Lamb. I did the violin parts for "Fly". (Mercury) (CD).

1998  "NOISEBOX"  Elbow. I am on two tracks. Very rare - only fifty copies.(CDr)

1997  "ISTHMUS", Clark, Thorne, Fell. Spontaneous melodic free jazz improvisations from violin bass and drums. (GAS) (CD ).


1995  "DREAMING A DREAM", Daevid Allen (GAS). (CD)

1993  "RITE OF PASSAGE", Ralph Beauvert. (Voiceprint). (CD).

1992a "LIVE AT THE WITCHWOOD", The Magick Brothers. (Voiceprint). (CD).

1992b "LIVE IN THE NEW WORLD", The Magick Brothers. (GAS). (Cassette).

1992c "TAKE TIME TO DREAM", Mark Robson. (Cassette).

1992d "SHAPESHIFTER", Gong. (Celluloid, France). (CD).

1990   "AS IT WAS", Dave Fowler & Graham Clark trio (with Jon Lloyd).Violin, drums, and soprano sax improvisations. (DMF Music). (Cassette).

1989a "TIME AND DISTANCE", Ralph Beauvert. (BOY Records, Switzerland). Modern synthi- rock. (LP).

1989b "GONGMAISON", Gongmaison. (Demi-monde). (LP & CD).

1989c "AUSTRALIA AQUARIA", Daevid Allen. (Demi- monde). (LP & CD).

1984   "HIGH SOCIETY", Henry's Bootblacks. (Clifton Records).  My first recording session.  Authentic 1930's style dance music. (LP).